Company Profile

Professional Resume Plus, LLC is located in New Haven, Connecticut in an office building at the Quinnipiac Marina.  We moved in June 2022 from our location in West Hartford, Connecticut, which was our home for 33+ years.  We have served more than 18,000 clients, from 44 states and 8 foreign countries.  We provide complete resume writing, business writing and job search assistance services.  All potential client engagements begin with a free consultation, which can be conducted in person, over the phone or by Zoom.


John K. Brubaker – Principal

John Brubaker is a nationally respected writer and outplacement professional.   He is a Yale graduate, a two-time published co-author, co-creator of a successful television series and recognized media expert on resume writing and job search.   John has given more than 100 media interviews, on a range of topics.   He has been a featured guest on Connecticut Public Radio – on the John Dankovsky “Where We Live” and Colin McEnroe programs; WDRC Talk of Connecticut, Mary Jones Show and on television on the Fox 61 Stan Simpson Show; and Connecticut Style (WTNH-TV8).   An All-Ivy Track & Field athlete while at Yale, John’s adult athletic successes include earning a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and winning medals in two national masters track & field championship meets.

Professional Resume Plus, LLC’s system creates extremely customized resumes and cover letters – optimizing each candidates precise qualifications for whatever specific job they are applying for.  It uses a type of digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) method to produce resumes and letters which get our clients to the very top of the software screening systems, which eliminate half or more of the applicant.  The system then adds in a critical additional element – researching, identifying and making contact directly with the hiring managers.  These two core ideas have created a complete sea change in job search for our clients.  We typically have two or more clients every month who get a new career job on the first or second resume/letter combination they send out.

John loves this work, and is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with and advocate for our clients.  He lives in the New Haven area with his wife Jane and their cat Tiger Paws.   To contact him:


(860) 830-5146


Allison Eno – Writing Assistant / Editor

Allison has been working for Professional Resume Plus since October 2014. In the time she has worked, she has become an indispensable and invaluable resource for the business and our clients.  Allison’s sterling academic credentials include earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing from Trinity College, graduating in 2005. A member of Trinity’s distinguished Individual Degree Program, she earned a 3.9 grade point average and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

Allison performs a wide range of functions. Among her greatest areas of expertise is cover letter writing.  She has learned our proprietary system of cover letter writing, linked it to our in-depth company research methodologies, and added in her own unique creativity and writing ability to produce cover letters which get truly amazing results.  In the past 18 months, we have had more than two dozen clients who got tremendous career jobs after having sent out one or two resumes and cover letters. Allison wrote virtually all of those letters.

In addition to her professional excellence, Allison is a really delightful, diverse and engaged human being. She lives in Vermont with her husband and three rescue dogs.  We are incredibly grateful to have her.

She can be contacted at: