LinkedIn Recommendations

[gc layout=”2″ separator=”|”][bq type=”speech” author=”Corinne Dahman” author_gender=”f” profession=”Sr. Engagement Manager” company=”May 3, 2006″]John is an engaging, creative and focused professional who built me a mighty resume while also strengthening my resolve and confidence. He is a pleasure to work with.

[/bq][bq type=”speech” author=”Rusty Keighron” author_gender=”m” profession=”Account Executive” company=”August 3, 2007″]John help has been a wonderful gift. He encouraged me through some tough career times and has been a support (and cheerleader) to me. John is a gifted writer and I have received many compliments on the resume he created for me. I have sent many friends and colleagues and none have been disappointed.

[/bq][bq type=”speech” author=”Steck Johnson” author_gender=”m” profession=”District Sales Leader” company=”April 25, 2008″]I worked with John in my earliest professional years and before as a college student. John without question been one of the most positive influences in my life. A mentor, coach, fan and friend all describe John Brubaker. John is also one of the most ethical, empathetic, compassionate and all around good guy. If you have a chance to work with John I would highly recommend it, it just might change your life as it has mine.

[/bq]|[bq type=”speech” author=”Jacqueline Tyszka” author_gender=”f” profession=”Marketing Development” company=”March 26, 2012″]John is dedicated to his clients to make sure their expectations are met or exceeded. He exudes a positive demeanor, listens well, and promptly attends to your concerns and instructions. With John writing your resume, you are guaranteed an interview. I highly recommend working with him.

[/bq][bq type=”speech” author=”Michael Jabick” author_gender=”m” profession=”Financial Advisor” company=”August 31, 2012″]I have been working with John for almost a month now and only have great things to say about him. He is prompt, courteous and polite. His ideas are truly creative and unique. He continues to raise the bar and exceed all my expectations. He seems to be available to my needs 24/7. I don’t think he sleeps. I will continue to use him as he has proven to be an endless source of information and experience, MJ.[/bq]

[bq type=”speech” author=”Frederick Serafini” author_gender=”m” profession=”Healthcare Executive” company=”April 18, 2013″]John is one of the most professional and creative resume writers I have met, He works very hard to meet the needs of his clients and is a master of the English language. He is dedicated to his craft and delivers a superior product. I would highly recommend John to all in need of career/resume assistance.[/bq][/gc]