Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we create The Learning Center?

Technology has revolutionized job search. The days of a “resume” being thought of as something in a nice bond paper sent in the mail are gone forever. To really get to the front of the hiring line, a modern job seeker needs to combine great marketing with an understanding of how to use technology. The Learning Center is filled with the “how to’s” that, when understood and applied, can make a huge difference in your job search.

How do I get started?

If you are currently employed (i.e. with limited time to devote to a search), you might want to get right to the “how to’s”. Each of the sections is organized in an order which we recommend as a good learning order. If you have more time, we recommend you read the resources linked in “Getting Started”, and then proceed to the other content.

How much of a difference will it make if I fully follow these formulas?

Many job seekers report getting little to no positive response “on their own.” If you master our techniques and consistently use them, it will make a “night and day” difference in your search results. As one example – over the past 15 months we have had 22 clients apply for State of Connecticut positions. According to our sources, “typical” results are about 1 in 20 or 30 people get interviews – 3% to 5%. 17 of this group of 22 got interviews – 80%.

What is the ‘hidden job market’ and what is there in here that can help me tap into it?

The hidden job market is the “unadvertised” job market. It is well understood that only approximately 20%-25% of the total jobs available are advertised. The rest make up the ‘hidden job market’. The three best methods to find these jobs is through Recruiters/Headhunters, Direct Marketing and a strong LinkedIn presence and network. We have extensive sections on each of those subjects, and have services related to them.

What are the keys to having Linkedin work for me as a job search tool?

To get unsolicited interest and interviews, the two most important things to do are: 1) make sure you have an ‘optimized profile’; and 2) the size and composition of your LinkedIn network. We have extensive information on both of those subjects, and also have services related to them.