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Job Search in the Information Age

Professional Resume Plus, LLC is in the forefront of helping our clients leverage the astonishing power of information and communications technology to “get to the front of the line” in their job search, connect directly with recruiters and hiring managers, and get HIRED!

Below are some links to some articles which will help you get a great conceptual framework for many of the techniques you will learn on this site.

Why You Can’t Get a Job – Recruiting Explained by the Numbers

By Dr. John Sullivan

An eye opening look into corporate recruiting – the processes and the challenges it creates for a job seeker.

How to Get a Job at Google

By Thomas Friedman, New York Times Columnist

This article builds on the previous one – and shows the absolute pre-eminence of the “power of learning” and how you can use it to get a great career job with a top company.

What Thomas L. Friedman Didn’t Report About Getting Hired by Google

By Gary Burnison, CEO, Korn Ferry International

The CEO of one of the world’s top executive search firms makes the astonishing claim that Friedman was “too modest” in the title of his article.  He shows how “learning agility” will not only help you get a great job, but also will help you excel in your career.  A wonderful, inspiring, insightful message.

My Personal Formula for a Winning Resume

By Laszlo Bock, SVP “People Operations” (Human Resources), Google

Bock shows his simple algorithms for taking a flat, undistinguished resume and making it “come to life”.  Our resume system does all that he says one should do – and then takes it a couple of steps farther.  Fascinating insight from inside of the defining information-age corporations of our time.